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> For those of us who use fringe operating systems. Could I beg and
> plead for the following guard code in luaconf.h
> of the style 
> #ifndef XXXX
> #define XXXX
> #endif
> This means that compiler defines can be used rather than actually
> having to modify the distrib source.

luaconf.h is meant to be edited (or replaced). The whole point of this,
besides the added expressiveness provided by the preprocessor, is consistency:
client code will be built using the same settings used when Lua was built. So,
no number type mismatch and such.

Note that one simple way to modify luaconf.h without actually editing it
by hand is to *append* mods. That's what the luaconf.h in 5.1w3 does for
USE_TMPNAME. In other words, #undef XXX, #define XXX YYY...

So, you could keep the original luaconf.h and your mods separate and simply
append your mods to it before building.

BTW, where do "fringe operating systems" enter here?