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It's quite easy to get the localized 'Program Files' path off the registry with 100% Lua, if you would be interested.

But about the local/lib vs. local/share, still.. *nagging* I understand "binaries should to lib" and so, but.. what about precompiled Lua modules (.luc). They're 'binaries', right? And I'd personally prefer to keep a module's wrapper (.lua) and the module itself (.so) as close to each other in the filesystem as possible. Here, they actually fall way apart from each other (Win32 suggestion is better).


8.12.2004 kello 01:23, Mike Pall kirjoitti:

 My patch sets the standard installation paths to:

Windows  Lua modules  C:\Program Files\Lua51\lib\?.dll
Windows  C   modules  C:\Program Files\Lua51\lua\?.lua

POSIX    Lua modules  /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/?.lua
POSIX    C   modules  /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/?.so

(Mac OS X is the same as POSIX as far as naming is concerned)

I think this is compliant with standard dynamic library and data file
placement. Anyone who begs to differ, please speak up.