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On Sun,  5 Dec 2004 12:01:57 -0200 (BRST) wrote:

> From: "Philip Plumlee" <>
> Subject: A game console

> Has anyone developed a "Lua Console" for the PC version of a game, such
> that designers could author tests by writing Lua into a little text
> editor, and get instant feedback from gameplay in an attached window?
> Put another way, how did the Settlers project, described here last
> month, develop 1/3rd their source in Lua?

My game ToME( is fully lua scripted(and lots of
the game is written in lua too, about 25%).

It has got a lua shell that can be spawned to enter lua commands,
it features globals and table fields auto-completion, syntax colorization
display of results(tables, game structures, ...).

it is possible to use it to add new objects, monsters, ... but it is usualy
prefered to simply edit the file handling them and restart the game,
it's less painful. lthough this ability can sometimes be very handy.

But anyway the most usefull side of a lua shell in a game is to be able to
query the current game state and alter it to try out things.
Saved me many many many hours :)

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