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Philip Plumlee wrote:


Please eyeball the first graphic here:

The text in the left column is Ruby. Pretend it were Lua.

The graphic in the right is just a model. Pretend it were a game.

Has anyone developed a "Lua Console" for the PC version of a game, such
that designers could author tests by writing Lua into a little text
editor, and get instant feedback from gameplay in an attached window?

Not that I am aware, but there is a lot in game studios that is developed but never released outside...

Nick Trout's Doris Viewer <> can be a starting point for this, if using 3D (OpenGL).

Paul Jessup's Freya <> can be a starting point for this, if using 2D (Allegro).

I believe there is also a SDL library, etc.

But the hard part, ie. the GUI with two windows, etc., is still to be made.

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