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I'm getting LuaSocket working on my system, and have run across some problems 
due to the way it uses require.

Normally, Lua plugins work by you doing 'require "pluginname"', and it creates 
a table in the current environment called "pluginname" containing the 
plugin's symbols.

LuaSocket overrides require with its own version that merely returns the 
table. It doesn't install it in the environment. It seems to want you to do 
'pluginname = require "pluginname"' instead.

Naturally, these two version of require are completely incompatible! I'm faced 
with the choice of either (a) rewriting all third-party Lua code to use 
LuaSocket's new version of require, or (b) rewriting LuaSocket to use the 
more conventional version of require. I don't really want to do either, 
because the more I touch third-party code, the more effort I'm going to have 
to put in to upgrade it.

Has anyone else had to tackle this? If so, what did you do? Is there a 
standard for this kind of thing?

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