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LuaJava is a scripting tool for Java. The goal of this tool is to allow
scripts written in Lua to manipulate components developed in Java. LuaJava
also allows you to implement a Java interface using Lua.

LuaJava is part of the Kepler Project. Documentation is at:

Beta 4 changes:
- package renamed to "org.keplerproject.luajava"
- LuaObject.getLuaState is now public
- new function LuaObject.type()
- renamed to JavaFunction.execute()
- method called by javaLoadLib now can return an int

Windows binaries and source can be downloaded from the LuaForge page:

The forum at LuaForge is active.

You need to update your code to use Beta 4, mainly because of the package
rename and the rename. But no further incompatibilities
are expected.

Best regards,
Danilo Tuler
Kepler Project