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Javier Guerra [] wrote:
> right, the startup time is far lower than old CGI, the only overhead
> seems to be the creation of the new environment (and maybe
> garbage-collecting the old ones).  but the main advantage of Java
> that i'd love to see is the persistence of in-RAM objects.  J2EE has
> a lot of complex mechanisms to reduce serialization and
> deserializations, those are possible just because the object
> containers persist from one HTTP request to other. 
> a simple sessions library, like that of PHP, can make it easier to
> retrieve objects from storage; but maybe the most Lua-like solution
> would be just a global table where i could put any object (or tree of
> objects) that i want to persist for another request.  then, i just
> need a cookie to store the key. maybe some extra features like
> setting a timeout to purge the object (to have expiring sessions)

Take a look at lper, a persistent Lua implementation that relies on a
malloc library that uses a mmapped file alloc memory. Don't know if it's
easy to make it work with FastCGI or in a multithreaded environment

Andre de Leiradella