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Benoit Germain wrote:

> If the fact that Relic/THQ's game "Dawn of War"
> ( includes two libraries named 
> "luabind.dll" and "luaconfig.dll" has any significance, it is 
> yet another project that uses LUA. And since luabind.dll 
> contains strings like "__index" and "__gc", little doubt remains :-)

Here's a cool post from elsewhere:

Tobias Luetke wrote:

> If you want to see some heavy Lua work in action check out the today
> released World of warcraft. A massive multiplayer game by blizzard.
> It comes with an containing all graphics and source for
> its ( enormous ) gui. Widgets, dialogs and forms are all declared as
> XML with logic written in lua.

> The entire gui is opensource and people have been doing great things
> with it. For example during beta people deviced an ingame auction
> system system which blizzard promptly adopted, beefed up and put in
> the core game.

> I would love to know what other parts of the game are written in lua
> on the server side.