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On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 04:45:13PM +0000, David Given wrote:

> What he's saying is that since code is, fundamentally, structured as a 
> branching decision tree, the fact that an overwhelming number of decisions as 
> to the design of that code are made on the basis of how well the code can be 
> expressed on paper is a bit strange.

You've expressed that far more clearly than I did. :-)

> .., I'd much rather train the computers to have 
> better verbal skills so that they can communicate with *us*.
> But this is hardly relevant to Lua!

Indeed.  Whereas LISP-style manipulation of the program graph could be
very relevant, and vastly more powerful than mere substitutive macros.

Rich Artym.
Existing media are so disconnected from reality that our policy debates
spin around a fantasy world in which the future looks far too much like
the past.