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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
Is that 'size' an upper-limit on the time taken, or
will it fairly consistantly take a similar length of
time to return?

Neither one nor the other :(  It is more like a hint for both. (The
gc in Lua is not "real time", so it cannot ensure upper-limits on
its step times.)

Oh whoops, yes, I forgot.  I suppose what I meant is, might
the complexity of the work vary very widely for the same 'size'. :)

It would help to explain why I ask: I was wondering whether it
would be a good idea to run a little GCSTEP every frame of a game,
since my lua-side memory usage in 5.1 is about 3x as large as
in 5.0 so I assume lua5.1 would benefit from these extra
slices of collection time in my particular app.