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Found two applications using Lua; I read about them in Code(R), the French magazine which featured an article on Lua some time ago.

DevLib is a well known 3D game library.

Novodex Physics SDK is a free (for non-commercial use) library allowing realistic physics effects in games.
"While PSCL is designed to allow for the simple expression of physical concepts it is out of scope for it to serve as a general purpose scripting language; complete with variables, functions, and looping. To allow for more complex scripts to be developed PSCL was designed to be easily bound to and extended by any externally provided general purpose scripting language. Novodex Rocket comes with a binding for the popular scripting language called ‘Lua’. A new plug-in component is currently in development that will allow PSCL to be extended using C-sharp, the popular programming language promoted by Microsoft."

They are not listed in the Lua applications, perhaps because the authors did thought to send it, they don't care about this list, they don't want to be in there...

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