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It would be ever so slightly useful if the documentation for string.find asserted that the returned indexes were positive.

This would allow code like this (that gets the string that follows a match):

s, e = string.find(str, 'foo')
follows = string.sub(str, e+1)

to be written safe in the knowledge that << e+1 >> would never be 0. This is just a documentation change, because of course the current implementation does only return positive indexes.

Similarly for the indexes returned by << () >> captures.

By the way, the 4th argument to string.find is very unpleasant. It would be better to provide a string.ffind (for "fixed find") that performs the plain find substring operation. I'm not partial to the exact name (I just borrowed it from fgrep). I note that string.gfind does not have an analogous interface.

David Jones