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LuaParse is a pure-Lua Lua parser intended for applications which need
to be able to reconstruct the original input, such as syntax-colourers
and transformers. The base code could be used to construct ASTs as well,
but I haven't yet written an interface for that.

Although the code could use some cleanup and some documentation, I've put a working copy on LuaForge at <>. It includes a fairly general pure-Lua lexing tool (blex), enough pieces of a CGI library to construct a CGI, and a semantically-aware HTML-highlighter for Lua intended to be used as a visual "linter" (currently called tnt.lua, but the name will
change next time I do an upload).

An experimental packaging system is included, which I suspect not many people will like :) It is intended to support sandboxing for embedding Lua scripting in servers such as Apache; however, the sandbox implementation is not currently on the site (nor is the pure-Lua webserver that it might work with). So watch
this space, but don't hold your breath.

The visual linter is available on the web, for now, at
<>. At present it does not
work as a "pastebin", although I may add that functionality soonish.
If you like it, you can download it and install it on your own webserver.

I used lhf's excellent srlua tool to construct the actual CGI executable
running on the web-site. This simplified the Apache configuration
considerably, and also speeds up execution. Thanks, lhf!