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some time ago i mentioned on this list i was working on a curses
interface, but didn't seem that there was much interest in it. What
i didn't mention was that i was also working on a console interface,
based on curses that would allow one to create working interfaces on
a console (unix/ncurses or win32/pdcurses) using curses functions

A simple screenshot of my test program:

I haven't written any documentation on how to use it, basically because
i didn't bother doing it yet... but it is in a stable working state, the
only funcionality missing are the *controls* to make things happen.
Although the test program for this console interface isn't very
attractive (hey, it is a test script) it shouldn't scare you away the
first time you look at it.

I was considering creating documentation for this, and pherhaps a
homepage (on luaforge) but that won't happen if there is no interest
from others.