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On 13-Aug-04, at 12:09 PM, Philippe Fremy wrote:

It would have probably been better if xpcall had started as:
xpcall( err_handler, f )
where passing the extra arguments to f just after f would have been more
logical :
xpcall(err_handler, f, arg1, arg2, ...)

Here, here!


base library implements:
  epcall(errfunc, f, ...)

compatibility code:
  function pcall(f, ...) return epcall(nil, f, unpack(args)) end -- *
  function xpcall(f, errfunc) return epcall(errfunc, f) end

* unpack doesn't really work here, as Wim has noted. But I think that will not be an issue with 5.1, and it certainly wouldn't be an issue in C.