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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

Ten years ago today we announced Lua 1.1, the first public release of Lua:

We have come a long way since then (although it doesn't feel so long), but
it's nice to see that in essence Lua 1.1 is not all that far from Lua 5.0:
the original goals have proved fruitful.

We thank the Lua community for your interest, support, and valuable input
during all those years. An incomplete list of individuals and institutions
to whom we're specially grateful is at

Thank you all!
Congratulations, and many thanks to the Lua team for their dedication and hard work. And thanks for always being there to help and listen.

And thanks for delivering the most error-free opensource project I have ever used - This count for something fantastic in my book!

Cheers for another 10 year.


p.s. And thank you for killing my "superior" Modula-2 compiler i 1996/1997 :-))