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>I need to serialize lua_state.

One simple way to do that is to use memory backed by a persistent file.

I experimented with this idea last year using GNU mmalloc:
but I did not find mmalloc stable. Probably just my fault.

Today I've found LPSM:
and it seems to work great! (I tested LPSM 0.1.11 on RH9 Linux.)

This scheme still does not save instruction pointers but you can stop a
Lua session and restart it later with all data intact.

For those who want to try it, get a version of lper at

I'll do some more testing and if everything seems ok I'll make this the
official lper.

I wonder whether LPSM will run on other Unix platforms...
Also, if anyone here knows how to use GNU mmalloc well, please let me know.