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I m new to this list. 
A few years ago I worked with Lua. For some time now I unsubscribed from the list, as I didn t need Lua anymore.

I m developing a converter for a tag-language related to BBCode and need to plug in scripts that define the behaviour of a tag.
For that reason I remembered Lua and embedded LuaJava from Thiago.

Now I noticed some kind of memory leak in my application on my local tomcat.
I guess that has something to do with not closing a luaState created with 


I searched the API-Doc for a possibility to call lua_close from Java but the only thing I found was 

LuaStateFactory.remove(int idx)

The API-Doc says "when a new state is created, it is pushed into a state list and it s index is returned". Well.. I can t find a possibility to get the index of a newly created state.

My code looks similar to this:

LuaState l = LuaStateFactory.newLuaState();
l.pushJavaFunction(new ObjectCreator(l));
l.pushJavaFunction(new URLInclude(l));
String result = l.toString(-1);

But calling this code for 1000 times leads to a memory leak between 20 and 40 MB.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Praxl

Multimedia; Forschung und Strategie
Bertramstraße 8
60320 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon:  (069) 155 - 3852