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Nightowl wrote:

> I was expecting compatibility between 4.0 and 5.0 but looks like it's
> quite different.

In software development, the version numbers are built like this :
 r.M.m where r = release version, M = major version, m = minor version.

The principles tied to this way of doing versionning are the following :
 - when "r" changes, binary and source compatibility is broken (API changes,
data file formats change, ...)
 - when "M" changes, critical bugs(security flaws, crashes, ...) were
cleaned and/or features were added so that the API has changed but without
making the source code incompatible.
 - when "m" changes, only minor bugs fixes occured.

This is like that for many many softwares : Linux Kernel, Microsoft Windows
(Windows 2000 = Windows NT 5.0 and Windows XP = Windows NT 5.1), ...