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On Saturday 20 March 2004 08:19, sohyl siddiqui wrote:
> i have a question regarding script loading. if we send multiple requests to
> lua to execute the same script does it (internally) load and parse the
> script every time. or does it have some kind of caching system so that if a
> request for a previously loaded script is recieved it does load the script
> again.

The fact that you are asking the question suggests that yes, whatever you are 
doing is probably causing Lua to reload the script each time. There are 
'caching systems', but you'd most likely know about it if you were using one.

> if it does not cache scripts, is there some easy and efficient way
> to implement this?

Probably, but to tell you what that way might be, we need more information. 
What do you mean by 'sending a request to Lua'? Using what interface? Command 
line? HTTP? Calling from C? Where are the scripts to execute coming from? Are 
they local files? Are they being generated somehow? Are we talking about 
caching within a single instance of Lua, or across invocations? Code snippets 
may be helpful.

-- Jamie Webb