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>As a proponent of functional programming

Buy the book

Worthwile from a programming perspective, even if you
dont use Lua.

David B

Phil Bewig <> wrote:

>Phil Bewig <pbewig <at>> writes:
>> I'm considering lua for a specific project.  One of my needs is for static
>> variables that retain their value from one invocation of a function to the
>> next.  In a quick reading of the manual section on variable scoping, I saw
>> no mention of static variables.  Does lua provide static variables?  Did I
>> miss something while reading the manual?
>> Many thanks,
>> Phil
>Thanks for the replies.  So many, and so quickly!
>I should have figured this out myself, as Scheme and ML both arrange things
>the same way; I didn't immediately understand the nature of blocks during my
>quick scan of the manual.  As a proponent of functional programming, one of
>the features that makes me consider lua is first-class functions, though I
>might miss built-in lists (yes, I know I can simulate them with hash tables).
>What else will likely be familiar to me?