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Unless I'm mistaken, upvalues in Lua 5 are NOT read only.
If I am mistaken then someone will probably quickly correct me. :-)
Also, anyone with a compiler handy can check the code easily.

This means that you can accomplish the equivalent of static variables by
doing something like the following....

function MakeFoo()
   local StaticA = 0 -- Declare/Initialize statics here
   local StaticB = 0

   return function(a,b)
         print(StaticA, StaticB)
         StaticA = StaticA + a
         StaticB = StaticB + b

Foo = MakeFoo()

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[]On Behalf Of Phil Bewig
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 1:53 PM
Subject: Static variables

I'm considering lua for a specific project.  One of my needs is for static
variables that retain their value from one invocation of a function to the
next.  In a quick reading of the manual section on variable scoping, I saw
no mention of static variables.  Does lua provide static variables?  Did I
miss something while reading the manual?

Many thanks,