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> Well, I use SciTE 1.57 on both Windows and Linux
> (Slackware) platforms, with 
> Lua5, and SciTE it works fine for me. 

I use SciTE 1.59 on Windows and it works fine (*).  I
patched three files though:

1.  scintilla/src/LexLua.cxx to fold the repeat ...
until statement.

2.  scintilla/src/LexOthers.cxx to recognize Lua 5
error messages in the message window.

3.  scite/src/SciTEBuffers.cxx to extract file name
and line number from a Lua 5 error message.


(*)  There seems to be a bug in the ctrl-[shift]-tab
navigation through multiple buffers (SciTE crashes on
occasion) but this is off-topic.

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