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> With those changes it works great with shared memory in Windows when
> linking Lua statically.  I have been using this is a commercial product
> for a while now with no problems.  If you do this, other Lua DLL modules
> may not work properly but if working with a closed system it works like
> a charm.  You can link Lua statically in your app and in DLLs and they
> will not have memory issues this way.
> - Brett

Brett, my problem is that I can't change Lua at all.  It's built into a
commercial product that I don't have the sources for.

My task is this - The product I'm working with (a game) will provide some
special Lua functions for reading data from the game internals and
functions for setting states within the game engine.  I have to use those
functions to interface with the real world in the simplest and most
efficient manner possible.  I also have to accomplish this without
changing the Lua interpreter from what you'd normally find in a default

I spend all day writing Delphi and VB database code.  I'm _not_ a C
programmer by any stretch of the word.  I can read it fairly well, but I
have little experience writing it.  You can understand why I find this a
daunting task. :)