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> Would you use such a library for scripting or would you still prefer
> bash?

I would prefer bash. Having used RISC OS (as in "Acorn RISC OS") for
years, an operating system which had a weak command shell, and which
encouraged GUI interfaces (long before Windows 95), I was convinced that
tools such as locate and grep should have nice front-ends.

After much long and bitter experience, I've concluded that this isn't
true, and that, for my purposes at least (unpredictable widely-ranging and
complex tasks) the combined power of bash (simple glue) Unix command-line
tools (flexible tools) and Emacs (powerful interactive text manipulation,
for all those one-off tasks where writing a macro interactively is quicker
and easier than writing a script) is much better than any conceivable
combination of GUI-based tools.

Careful Cyclists Approaching From Right (Anon)