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Looks like a great start.
2 Quick comments...

[[ ... ]] Multi-line comment

should be...
--[[ ... ]] Multi-line comment

and, you missed __fenv in the metatable listing.

This last isn't terribly surprising.

Included is a copy of a previous post of mine that both explains why this
was easy to miss, and reflects that I am indeed thankful for your simple
(and somewhat tedious), but very helpful contribution to the Lua community.


As a side note it would be nice if a listing of all of the "special
modifiers" was made and added to the manual (perhaps as a side note in the
metatable section).  The listing could just refer to the relevant section.
The reason for the suggestion is because it would make it easier to find
these options when thinking along the lines of "what can I do with object X"
as opposed to "what can function/system Y do with objects it receives".

If nothing else these items could at least be added to the glossary.

Below are some of the ones that a search of the manual for "__" turned up.
__pow -- global


As a side note, now that I am thinking about this again it would be
interesting to see a compilation of common extensions / best practices for
libraries etc.  For instance, the metatable naming/querying system from the
aux. lib.  Similarly, in transitioning a file saving/loading system I threw
together from Lua4 to Lua5 I replaced a table of specializations per
userdata tag with entries in the metatable of the userdata "types".  Anyway,
I was just curious what other uses for "specialization" methods people have
thought up.

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[]On Behalf Of Enrico
Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 8:01 AM
To: Lua list
Subject: Lua short reference part 1 - draft 1

Here is the first draft of my "Lua short reference", part 1 (language and
libraries - part 2 will cover the C API):

It is undoubtedly full of the most horrible mistakes and omissions, so
feedback at any level is greatly appreciated.

Please do not distribute this draft version.