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A more primitive approach that I use is to pepper my code with calls to
_CrtCheckMemory(), which checks the debug heap for a few types of memory

It can help pinpoint the area of code where and the time when the
corruption occurs.

_CrtCheckMemory() is part of the debug runtime libs with visual studio,
but I would think that Metrowerks has something similar.


> > We have been chasing a really bizarre bug all day.
> >free (crashes in here in the pool manager of MSL by Metrowerks)
> Those symptoms point to memory corruption. You should try a good
> memory-access checker (purify, valgrind, eletric-fence?).
> > I can get rid of the bug by slowly eliminating lines of lua 
> source code
> > until I can get it down to a single ascii character is the 
> reason for
> > the crash.
> Small changes like that change the pace of the garbage 
> collector, which
> in turn changes all the allocation pattern of your program.
> -- Roberto