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Serge Semashko <> wrote:

>Virgil Smith wrote:

So who named "lua50dll.dll"?

Just a touch of redundancy?


>> The question keeps coming up on this list of where to get Lua DLL binaries
>> for Windows, and myself and others keep pointing out that there not on the
>> wiki (or weren't previously), but that its just <<so easy>> to make that it
>> really didn't matter.
>> However, if library contributors are stumbling over libraries being
>> incompatible for this reason then I strongly suggest that someone put forth
>> a "standard" DLL onto the Wiki.
>> Does anyone know of any issues that would complicate this?
>> (I expect that those who have put forth open libraries would know what
>> issues could cause disagreements, linking problems, license statement
>> problems, etc.)
>It would be much better to make a decision about standard lua5 ABI and 
>post it as a new LTN. That should explain how dlls (and .so files) are 
>named, which functions they export and in which order they should be 
>called to load a new binary module.
>Something like but for lua5
>By the way, luacheia team has some experience in making support for 
>different binary modules with lua, so they can make initial version of 
>this document
>The following example below uses luafs module from luacheia and dll from 
>wxlua (this example shows list of files from the current directory in 
>html widget as a table). It uses vanilla lua 5.0 compiled with mingw. 
>wxlua links with lua50dll.dll, luafs links with liblua-5.dll and 
>liblualib-5.dll, this is not very good and can cause problems but this 
>simple example works and shows that different modules can work together. 
>If all the modules authors used the same names for dll's and functions, 
>it would not require hacking makefiles and recompiling at all.
>loadlib("luafs.dll", "luaLM_import")()
>wx = loadlib("wxLuaDLL.dll", "wxLua")()
>htmlTextPage = "<html><head><body><table border = 1>" ..
>	"<tr><td>file name<td>file size"
>for k, v in fs.listdir(".") do
>	htmlTextPage = htmlTextPage ..
>		"<tr><td>" .. v .. "<td>" .. fs.fileinfo(v).size
>htmlTextPage = htmlTextPage .. "</table></body></html>"
>frame = wx.wxFrame(wx.wxNull, -1, "Files from the current directory",
>	wx.wxDefaultPosition, wx.wxSize(450, 450), wx.wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE)
>html = wx.wxLuaHtmlWindow(frame)
>I don't use luacheia5.exe as I want to be able to use a set of other 
>patches (continue keyword support and support for hextradecimal constants).
>I would propose to replace ".dll" extension to ".so" for lua5 binary 
>modules, so scripts can be used unmodified both in windows and linux.
>Also, as you see, initialization of these two libraries is a bit 
>different now, I would like to see some convention about naming loadable 
>module entry point functions and a common way of additional libraries 
>namespaces initialization.