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Juergen Fuhrmann wrote:

I  tried wxWindows,  I  find it  much to  huge,  and it  did not  work
properly on Tru64 alpha.  I tried  Java and died on finding out how to
tell it to use the right visual for doing OpenGL in a native canvas...
I had a coarse i look at IUP  as well, but it seemed to me less mature
than e.g. Lua itself or  FLTK.  Further, in IUP, OpenGL is "maintained
by third-party individuals",  and with FLTK, I like  very much that it
is in the core distro.
This is off-topic, but have you tried FOX? I've tried FLTK before, and found it nice, but the C callbacks annoyed me, as the library is written in C++. FOX is more elegant and run on a lot of platforms.