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I have generated a small module 'wx', which allows to load the wxLua
library dynamically as binary module using lua -l wx or via require.
The module has been tested under Linux using Lua 5.0.1, GTK-1.2.10,
wxGTK-2.4.2 and wxLua 2.2.
It provides the following basic features:
- The wxLua library has NOT been changed.
- Instantiate the wxApp class in Lua (just like you do it in C for
  wxWindows or in Python for wxPython)
- The wxLua debugger (IDE) works as well. The library
  integrates the LuaDebugTarget class, which is instantiated by a small
  Lua script only in the DUT. A few changes/bugfixes were necessary to
  bring the debugger to reasonable stable operation.
- The package also contains a generic interface for object oriented
  programming in Lua based on Kevin Baca's Inheritance Tutorial.

I have put as many things as possible into Lua code and used
tolua++-1.0.2 for the very few bindings (just a version of wxApp and

The package can be found here (comments are welcome):