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Apologies to anyone who was expecting me to use threading properly, but
I refuse to go so completely off-topic In-Reply-To another thread.


Erik said (somewhen on a thread he shouldn't have):
> I'm looking for a Lua library/wrapper to do graph-plotting to a bitmap
> file...
> I'm investigating DISLIN right now....
> Any suggestions?

Well, Aranha carries a libgd binding (Lua 5.0) and that ought to be
portable to be a standalone library if enough interest is raise. Rob
Kendrick (also posts to the list) wrote the binding so he'd be best
placed to say for sure.

Alternatively you could try generating a set of datafiles and a control
file for gnuplot and call that directly.



(P.S. to ask a new question on a mailing list, it is considered poor to
reply to someone elses mail and change the subject to fit your needs.
Learn how to write *New* messages, I'm sure your client supports it)

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