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RI> Even today a lot of languages do not use `!=': Ada, Haskell, Eiffel, and
RI> Fortran90 use `/='; Icon, Dylan, Smalltalk (and Lua) use `~='; several
RI> Pascal-based languages use `<>'; Oberon, Modula2, and Modula3 use `#'.

not to mention perl and php, which both have 2 different comparison
operator sets, one for special cases: gt, lt, eq, ne for strings in
perl, ===, !== for an actual comparison with false (as opposed to just
a value that is considered to be false) in php. This is a lot weirder
and has bitten me a lot more often than using a single operator, that
might look strange at first, but does what you expect it to do.

just my 0.03? (inflation... ;-)

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