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> Mark Hamburg:
> I'm not advocating a change -- though I do have to pause to think
> what
> the inequality operator is in Lua when I need it -- but if I were
> a
> replacement, I'd probably go with "<>" rather than "!=" since "!="
> makes sense if you also introduce "!" where as "<>" fits with the
> inequality operators.

This just goes to show how there are different opinions about style,
consistency and implementation. 

> Virgil Smith:
> Furthermore, I'm befuddled by the statement that != is a *special*
> So, does anyone have references for their assertions of the frequency
> !=

Dylan uses ~= as well. != seems to be the highest median use but ~= is
not the only variant.

FWIW Python just had *massive* discussion about tertiary operators (i.e.
C: t ? a : b) and came to NO conclusion, i.e. there was no consensus so
it was not added.