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I'm not advocating a change -- though I do have to pause to think about what
the inequality operator is in Lua when I need it -- but if I were picking a
replacement, I'd probably go with "<>" rather than "!=" since "!=" only
makes sense if you also introduce "!" where as "<>" fits with the other
inequality operators.


on 11/26/03 3:56 PM, Jared Krinke at wrote:

> Last time I checked, the "~" character was the standard logical symbol
> for "not." At least it was in my statistics class (e.g. "A|~B"). So
> really the tilde character makes more sense to me (though I admit my
> knowledge about this topic is somewhat limited).
> Does anyone have a good reason why "!=" should be used that does not
> reference other languages? I think this is an important point since Lua
> was designed to allow non-programmers and artists to write scripts,
> these people probably haven't been exposed to the "!=" format. Whereas
> with the "~=" operator, at least this would be familiar to people who
> took logic courses.
>> I would like add my support of Nick Trouts views.
>> Leave it alone.
>> David Burgess