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On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 12:28:05PM +0100,  wrote:
> With lua_checkstack() I could always pass 0 in my first call,
> retrieve the stack elements with lua_gettop() and assume that
> is the whole stack size. I would then need to store that in
> some wrapper structure with a lua_state and this value I
> guessed. I'd prefer if there was an API call to avoid me
> duplicating the stack size in some extra variable.

sorry, i think i misunderstood your original question.  if you want to
check for accidental stack overflow, enable the api_check() macro in
lapi.c (see ).
then if you try to exceed the stack capacity, you will get an assertion

btw, lua_checkstack() doesn't quite work as you described it above.
lua_checkstack(L, 0) is effectively a no-op since lua_checkstack()
never shrinks the stack (see the reference manual).