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Anyway, says:
  The only requirement is that if you do use Lua, then you should give us
  credit by including the appropriate copyright notice somewhere in your
  product or its documentation.

I see, this is in the pre-amble on the web page but to me (I
am not a lawyer) isn't clear from the 'COPYRIGHT' file in the
lua5 distribution or an essential part of the MIT license as I
understood it (except as obviously applies to source code

So, this applies to source code distributions and also to binaries linked
with Lua. Isn't that clear? We moved to the MIT license so that this kind of
questions were easily answered...

I'm totally willing to follow the authors' wishes as long as
I know what they are.  And now it's clearer what they are.  I'd
rather ask than be left with any doubt.

I'm interested in this discussion as well.

To cut to the chase..

Would it be sufficient to put in the documentation (of a binary distribution)
"Lua compiler component - copyright (C) 1994-2003 Tecgraf, PUC-Rio."

Paul				VPOP3 - Internet Email Server/Gateway