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Hello All,

 I have a strange problem(I think with lua GC):

#0  0x08127820 in luaC_separateudata ()
#1  0x081282de in mark ()
#2  0x08128350 in luaC_collectgarbage ()
#3  0x081248ff in lua_pushlstring ()
#4  0x08124961 in lua_pushstring ()
#5  0x080fbca5 in PrepareScriptStartup (pOwner=0x309068, pInfo=0xbffff47c,
    TrgName=0x8309308 "течение несет дальше по реке - 1", iType=2) at 
#6  0x080fc189 in ScriptDriver (pOwner=0x309068, pTrig=0x83092c0,
pVARList=0x8a00803, iType=2) at lua_scripts.c:1339
#7  0x08119131 in random_wtrigger (room=0x309068) at dg_triggers_c.c:1406
#8  0x0810c8d8 in script_trigger_check () at dg_scripts.c:623
#9  0x0809526d in heartbeat (heart_pulse=2340) at comm.c:976
#10 0x080951a1 in game_loop (mother_desc=3) at comm.c:945
#11 0x080946cf in init_game (port=3) at comm.c:502
#12 0x0809457f in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffd94) at comm.c:431 

It repeated several times.

Can smb explain me whats going on?

Best regards,
  Antero Vipunen