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I'm also new user of Lua. The main problem for me is to understand all about
linking lua with C++ application. Is there any tutorial for newbies  (I mean
TUTORIAL - not naked code like I found on Wiki pages) ?


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From: "Denis Andreev" <>
To: "Lua list" <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2003 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: Help:-) I am a new user!

> ST> I am a new user. I want to use Lua in my C++ project.
> ST> I use MSVC++ 6.0 and want to build a spreadsheet with
> ST> formulas, using Lua. Which one Distribution and/or
> ST> Code wrapper I need to use? I see a lot of at
> You only need clean lua, refman and brain. :)
> --Denq