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On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:58:06 -0200
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:

> I've updated my posix library. It's available as usual at
> The main changes are:
>  - fixed a bug in putenv
>  - fixed a bug in getpasswd
>  - added a demo program by John Belmonte
> Someone mentioned here in the list that this library does not contain all of
> posix. What is missing that could be included? (Note that some of posix is
> included in the standard Lua libraries; lposix does not duplicate this.)

That was probably me.  When I wrote that I didn't miss anything specific,
instead I was going on the size of POSIX vs. the size of lua+lposix.  But
it isn't hard to find something missing after following the reference in
the README, e.g., setsid().  And again, everything I've ever wanted is in
lposix already.

Moving on, when will the new tarball be available?  Just (~ 9:00pm EST)
downloaded lposix.tar.gz again (9437 bytes, same as my old tarball), cmp 
says they're equal, and it bombs on line 48 of test.lua (putenv) as it
did before.  <shrug>  I'll try again tomorrow.

Keep up the good work,