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[Resent because isn't on the list and doesn't need to be]


As some of you are aware, Debian has Lua 5.0 packages in it. It also now
carries packages of the Luasocket 2.0-beta software. I am interested in
getting the number of packages for use with Lua increased. This is
primarily simply Debian package work, but does involve a little porting
effort to get packages up to scratch for building in a wide range of
Linux environments (11 architectures, shared objects, etc all leave
interesting compile issues to resolve).

I am compiling a list of Lua 5 addons which people want in Debian. If
anyone has any suggestions, please add them to this thread so that
others don't duplicate your suggestions, and I will gather up the ideas
to prepare packages.

The ideal format for a request would be:

Extension name
Short description
Short licence description


Interface to djb's cdb database format
Public domain.

I shall most likely package luacdb since it looks interesting.



Daniel Silverstone             
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