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On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 05:04, Diego Nehab wrote:


> Taj wrote:
> > one thing i noticed in usocket.c is that it doesn't check for EINTR
> > after write(), sendto(), read(), recvfrom() etc. ?  the usual trick is
> > to loop while you get EINTR:
> >
> >       do
> >               ret = write(...);
> >       while(ret < 0 && errno == EINTR)
> Thanks for the remark, Taj!
> This might be our problem. Rob, can you change this in your
> source code and test if the bug goes away?

I'll give it a whirl.  The problem with this bug is that it's not easily
repeatable... it just "happens" from time to time.  I'll keep you

Rob Kendrick, Pepperfish Limited         
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