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Given that I'm not patient enough for a new gllua, I've started work on OIL.

Its a LuaBinaryModule supplying an OpenGL Interface for LUA (OIL). Right now I'm only working on a Win32 version, but linux will be added later. Here is the current development
source and tester application (as self-extracting rars):

I don't know if I like the way luacheia binds their binary modules to lua-5.dlls, so I've made this statically linked with LUA 5.0 source. Also, is an external .lua script with each module really
needed? I mean you could embed the test script and call it with a:

const char *luaLM_test(void);

perhaps? Eliminating the need for two files for each module.

As of today (started this morning) all of the bound functions are not tested, and only about
75% of OpenGL 1.0 is bound. But what I have tested works =)

Maybe this will be of use to someone,
Jason Petrasko

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