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> Could someone please point me in the direction of a place to find
> information about embedding Lua in a C application?  What I've been able
> to unearth so far via the websites I've visited haven't given me what
> I'm looking for.  What I'm looking for specifically is how to read data
> from a Lua script into a C application (use the Lua script as a resource
> file so to speak).  More specifically I'd like to write a Zork like game
> using the Lua script as a data file, as a means to teach myself how to
> use Lua.
> Can any one help?
> It would be much appreciated, so thank you in advance!
> -- Aaron

well, the first place you should look is Lua 5.0 Reference Manual at

The most common use of Lua is embedded in a C application.

-- Rafael Sabbagh