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Nick Trout wrote:
These sound like good rules. There are pros and cons for splitting other
language wikis off and keeping it on the same site. Splitting off would
allow the other language site to develop in its own way. If there are
different authors involved then they may consider a different
organisation - I'm not sure how different it may be.

I agree mixing languages on the same page would be a recipe for disaster
as large refactoring would become very difficult and time consuming. If
all names are in English how would you resolve clashes? Every name ends
in its language? E.g. LuaTutorial -> LuaTutorialPortuguese.

For now, why not prefix the Portuguese pages with the language code Pt? After there are a few such pages, I don't have anything against setting up a wiki for that language. We should just make it clear that there is no intention to mirror the English site.

A feature which might help in the maintenance of cross language content
would be mailing changes to subscribed users. This is a feature than
Moin provides, so if someone did want to translate a certain item they
could subscribe to the page of the original content and make changes
when the wiki notified them. This would also be useful if you had an
interest in a particular page. Of course you can always looks at recent
changes but I doubt many people would do that daily and it's less of a
chore when you are told a page has changed.

The wiki codebase had that notification feature but I disabled it. There is no authorization so you could start subscribing other people's addresses, or write a script to automate this and cause a lot of trouble. In any case, there is no way to send email out from sourceforge.


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