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Nick Trout wrote:
Like most things, I think it's best to divide up the problem space and
be lazy.

It may be more practical. I don't think I'd fancy the job of having to
untangle 3 or 4 different languages if the wiki got to stage where it
needed to be split.

Well, here is what I mean about dividing up the problem space and being lazy. My take is:

Accept new content in other languages, but don't undertake a project to translate existing content.

    Avoid mixing languages on a single page.

Don't accept content in a new language unless there is a plan to have a large-ish amount of content in that language.

Don't make a new wiki that is specific to a certain language unless the current wiki is overwhelmed with pages in that language.

Stick to English for wiki page names. I had an experience where Japanese wiki users were quite tolerant of such a limitation.

If we were going to hobble along with that, then all I'd need to do is change the HTML page encodings to utf-8. However, Netscape 4 and similar browsers of that era, while they can display utf-8 pages, cannot handle utf-8 in a text box (required for page editing). Those using old browsers, now is your chance to speak up...

Anyway, did I mention this is a slippery slope?

(By the way Nick, why are your replies always to the parent of a posting rather than the posting itself?)


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