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On Monday 20 October 2003 18:15, wrote:
> Roberto's function will also fail, possibly more seriously, on characters
> outside of the ISO-8859-1 range; in particular, the code page typically
> used by non-Unicode OS's uses high-control characters (in the range 0x80 
> to 0x9F) for additional graphics characters whose Unicode code points are
> outside of the two-byte UTF-8 range. In particular, typographic single and
> double quotes will not translate properly, nor will typographic em dashes,
> and those are characters typically inserted by editors (or at least by MS
> Word).

You're right, I'd better consider 0x80..0x9f as 'invalid'. That should not be 
a problem in this case, as I was thinking of an Italian-only application 
where the only really needed characters are accented letters (thankfully, as 
the Euro sign in ISO-8859-15 would be another problem). For the same reason, 
I do not expect my users to employ ISO-8859-2.

i18n in the real world seems to be a big mess... give me back my Apple ][ :-)