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Hello, I've a simple problem, I'm trying to create a *.lib file in order to easily include lua in my apps without having to add all the sources again and again. The problem is that I do that, but when I try to link the resulting lib with a win32/MFC application (I did not change any compiler switches), the linker complains about multiply defined symbols in msvcrt and libc, asking me to use /NODEFAULTLIB. Whenever I try to use it excluding first MSVCRT and then LIBC I obtain errors (some missing function..)

Of course I have no problems when I include all the sources directly.
THis makes me think that I should change some switches when I generate the lib files. By now I use the default "WIn32 static library" project settings in the project wizard in order to generate lua.lib and lualib.lib.

I'm sure that this is almost a basic VC 6 question, but can somebody help me?

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