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On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 10:48, D Burgess wrote:
> Does anyone have a Lua script (4 or 5) that will perform
> an upgrade (does not have to be perfect) of Lua4 to Lua5 script?
> conversion example
> write       to io.write
> openfile    to
> clock       to os.clock

Any good text editor will perform this transformation for you.  Your
problem is the semantics of the language have changed too (ie,
upvalues/lexical scoping and such.)

I think just doing a find/replace and then going though each line of
code one by one is the only worth-while way of doing this.

If anybody does have a good automated solution to this though, I'm very
interested. :)

Rob Kendrick, Pepperfish Limited         
PGP signed or encrypted mail welcome                         Key ID: 3651D17A