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> The results suggest that if I don't provide a custom __gc method the
> system would free some resources automatically and if I do have
> custom __gc, I have to do it manually. However I couldn't find
> anything in the docs related to what it is.
> The only custom __gc method in lua I could find is io_gc. Seems like
> it exhibits same problem:
>> =gcinfo()
> 17    29
>> for i=1,100000 do"somenonexistingfile") end
>> a=nil
>> =gcinfo()
> 474    508
>> collectgarbage()
>> =gcinfo()
> 237    473
> Looks like a memory leak. Any ideas how to fix it?

Try running collectgarbage() again.  Collecting userdata with __gc methods
that are allowed to do anthing at all is tricky business.  Therefore it
takes two cycles to collect everthing.