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Funny that you should ask. Recently, at my company we had
a problem that had all the manifestations that you describe.

But first a full disclosure: we were not using Lua and LHF
is right - you are most certainly overwriting code with 
data somewhere in your code.

The only way to solve this problem is by doing a detailed
code review. We found out that the programmer who wrote the
code passed in a pointer to a stack variable and had saved
it is a member of an object that outlived the scope of the
function in which this pointer was obtained.

Elsewhere the contents of this pointer (which is now pointing
to la-la land) was being written to by a validation routine, 
effectively punching holes in the program code randomly.

No amount of debugging sessions will be of any help other than
to sit down and do a detailed code review. Review the changes
made to the code line from the last check in to the one where you
see this problem.

My $0.02 of course!

Vijay Aswadhati

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> []On Behalf Of Luiz Henrique
> de Figueiredo
> Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 9:23 PM
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> Subject: Re: bug?!? on recompile
> >Now we are getting a crash when we load a particurlar file, 
> but ONLY the
> >first time we run the application after a partial rebuild of 
> the application.
> This seems like you're overwriting code with data somewhere 
> else. Like when
> you have a bug that disappears when you add a "print" 
> statement or run it
> inside a debugger. It does not seem related to Lua.
> Perhaps someone that knows VC++ can help.
> --lhf